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The Oxford Character Project

Each year, major research universities produce thinkers and leaders who will go on to have significant influence and impact around the world, but these institutions devote far less attention to discerning whether they are developing wise thinkers and good leaders. The Oxford Character Project seeks to address this deficit by joining academic research into character formation with a unique leadership initiative.  Funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation, directed by the Oxford Pastorate, and supported by the McDonald Centre, the Oxford Character Project aims to help talented postgraduate students develop key virtues of character that will prepare them to become wise thinkers and good leaders.  By facilitating readings and conversations about leadership and character, organizing discussions with visiting scholars and speakers, and arranging meetings with distinguished personal mentors in their professional field, the Oxford Character Project helps postgraduates across a wide range of disciplines, professions, and traditions cultivate the character needed to become ethical leaders. 

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