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Alex Penk

Visiting Fellow

Alex Penk holds an LLM from Cambridge University, and an LLB (Hons) and a BSc from the University of Auckland. He is the CEO of Maxim Institute, a think tank based in Auckland, New Zealand, where he has worked for the last 10 years after a short career practising law for one of New Zealand’s largest firms. During his time with the Institute, Alex has produced research and recommendations across multiple disciplines, including child welfare, taxation, and New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements. As CEO, Alex leads an organisation that exists to promote the dignity of every person in a New Zealand characterised by freedom, justice, and compassion. Currently producing research on issues of poverty, regional economic development, and euthanasia and assisted suicide, Maxim Institute also regularly hosts public events featuring local and international leaders, communicates its research and recommendations through the media, and speaks to decision-makers in Parliament and in the community.