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About the McDonald Centre

The McDonald Centre fosters conversation both between Christian theology and other disciplines, and between academia and those who shape public deliberation and policy. Into its discussions it draws scholars from around the world, as well as public office-holders, civil servants, policy-makers, and opinion-formers.

By publishing the research it supports, the Centre communicates to academic, church, and wider public audiences. The work of the Centre responds to a growing awareness that sensitively engaged and carefully articulated moral and political theology has an important contribution to make to the flourishing of institutions and individuals within liberal democracies.

Based at the Faculty of Theology & Religion in the University of Oxford, the Centre is generously supported by the McDonald Agape Foundation.

The Centre’s Director, Professor Nigel Biggar, has his office at Christ Church, Oxford, where he is both Regius Professor of Moral & Pastoral Theology and Cathedral Canon.

The McDonald Post-Doctoral Fellow in Christian Ethics and Public Life, Dr Ashley Moyse, also has his office at Christ Church.

The McDonald Departmental Lecturer in Christian Ethics, Dr Dafydd Daniel, is based in the Faculty of Theology.

The McDonald Graduate Scholarship in Ethics and Public Life is awarded, alternately, to a member of the Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Philosophy, and is held at Christ Church. The current holder, Anna Bartsch, is a philosopher.

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