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Advisory Council

Steering Committee

  • ​Prof Joshua Hordern, Professor of Christian Ethics, Harris Manchester College, Oxford 
  • Dr Dave Leal, Lecturer in Philosophy, Brasenose College, Oxford​

Council Members

  • Jonathan Aitken, a former Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister, holds degrees in both Law and Theology from Oxford University. A member of the board of directors of the McDonald Agape Foundation, he is also Chairman of the Prison Reform Policy Group of the Centre for Social Justice, and a biographer of Richard Nixon, John Newton, and Margaret Thatcher
  • Professor Rufus Black is Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Tasmania. He was Master of Ormond College, Melbourne, Australia, and holds a D.Phil. in Christian Ethics from Oxford University, is a partner of McKinsey & Co. and is the author of Christian Moral Realism (Oxford, 2001).
  • Professor Andrew Briggs, Professor of Nanomaterials at the University of Oxford, and Director of the Quantum Information Processing Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration. He also holds a degree in theology from the University of Cambridge and is a member of the International Board of Advisors of the John Templeton Foundation
  • William Chapman, C.V.O., Director of Policy at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and former Secretary for Appointments to the British Prime Minister. 
  • Timoth Endicott is Fellow in Law at Balliol College and Professor of Legal Philosophy at the University of Oxford. A former Dean of Oxford's Faculty of Law, he holds degree from Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto.
  • Major General (ret’d) Tim Cross, C.B.E. is Visiting Professor at Nottingham University, Adviser to the British House of Commons Defence Committee, and a Trustee of the Bible Society. He was the U.K.’s Deputy to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, 2003
  • Jessica Giles, is a barrister, SFHEA, law lecturer at The Open University and, Director of the Project on Interdisciplinary Law and Religion Studies at the Open University. Her research explores the intersection between law and public theology, focusing on the right to freedom of religion and belief in a global context, most recently with a forthcoming chapter in Why Religion? Towards a Critical Philosophy of Law, Peace and God (Springer 2019). She is co-editor with Pin A. and Ravitch F.S. of Law, Religion and Tradition (Springer 2018).
  • Professor Eric Gregory, Professor of Religion at Princeton University and author of Politics and the Order of Love: An Augustinian Ethic of Democratic Citizenship (Chicago 2008), as well as numerous articles on just war, religion in America, and political theology
  • Lord (Richard) Harries of Pentregarth, Bishop of Oxford from 1987-2006, and currently Gresham Professor of Divinity and and Honorary Professor of Theology at King’s College, London. He is the author of books on a range of issues, most recently The Re-Enchantment of Morality (SPCK 2008) and, forthcoming, Faith in Politics? Rediscovering the Christian Roots of our Political Values (DLT 2010) and (with Stephen Platten) Reinhold Niebuhr and Contemporary Politics: God and Power (OUP 2010)
  • Professor Robin Lovin, University Professor Emeritus of Ethics, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas; former Director of Research at the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton, New Jersey; former President of the Society of Christian Ethics; and author of Christian Realism and the New Realities (Cambridge, 2008)
  • David Loyn, former B.B.C. foreign correspondent, is now Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Department of War Studies, King's College, London. Winner of the Royal Television Society’s award as Journalist of the Year in 1998, he is the author of Frontline: The True Story of the British Mavericks Who Changed the Face of War Reporting (2006) and Butcher and Bolt: 200 Years of Foreign Engagement in Afghanistan (2008)
  • Professor Charles Mathewes, Carolyn M. Barbour Professor of Religious Studies, University of Virginia. His recent books include A Theology of Public Life and The Republic of Grace
  • The Revd Dr Edmund Newell, Principal of Cumberland Lodge and an Associate Member of Nuffield College, Oxford, where he was formerly a Research Fellow in Economic History, and co-author of Ethics in Investment Banking (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011)
  • Sir Jonathan Phillips, K.C.B., Ph.D., former Permanent Secretary in the Northern Ireland Office and Warden of Keble College, Oxford
  • Professor Tom Simpson, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, and Senior Research Fellow, Wadham College, Oxford. A former officer in the Royal Marines Commandos, who served as aide-de-camp to the senior UK General in Baghdad, Iraq, and as an intelligence and operations officer in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, he has a special research interest in the ethics of trust
  • Tom Tugendhat, M.B.E., M.P., holds a B.A. in Theology from Bristol University and an M.A. in Islamic Studies from Cambridge. A journalist and entrepreneur in Beirut, then an energy analyst in the City of London, he served as an Arabic-speaking intelligence officer in the Royal Marines in Iraq and as Pashto-speaking adviser to the governor of Helmand Province in Afghanistan. He was elected Conservative M.P. for Tonbridge and Malling in 2015
  • Simon Walters is a director at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. An Arabist, he has served in a number of Middle East posts including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen   
  • The Very Revd Dr Frances Ward is Dean of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich Cathedral and author of Why Rousseau Was Wrong (Bloomsbury, 2012)