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The Character Project

The Oxford Character Project is an interdisciplinary initiative at the University of Oxford, dedicated to the cultivation of character and responsible leadership. Led by McDonald Centre Associate Fellow, Dr Edward Brooks, we join cutting edge industry research with the design and delivery of character and leadership development programmes. Our research focuses on themes related to character formation and leadership. We investigate the character qualities that leaders need to possess to address society’s biggest challenges and make the most of the opportunities of a technological and globalised world. This research helps us to understand how character and leadership can be developed within universities, and in private and public sector organisations.
Character and Responsible Leadership

Our research explores the empirical and conceptual dimensions of character and leadership, combining insights from the humanities and social sciences with new advances in measurement technologies. We are currently undertaking a major (£2.5m) industry research project on culture, character and leadership in organisations and business sectors. Funded by the John Templeton Foundation and in partnership with the Forward Institute, we are seeking to identify the character qualities that are most important for leaders and understand how they are developed in relation to the moral ecosystems of organisations and sectors. Our focus is on technology, financial services and law as well as business widely understood.

For more information about the Oxford Character Project, including the team of personnel involved and current projects, see here.