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Biggar on 'Why aren’t illiberal universities challenged?'

Friday, 1 February 2019 - 3:00pm

1 February 2019, Commenting on the present crisis of herd morality and the policing of public rationalities that constrain content-full discourse and illuminating debate around issues of identity, sexuality, and the like, Nigel Biggar opened his recent contribition to UnHerd, and their 'Groupthink' theme, with these words:

We need to talk about ‘discrimination’, ‘homophobia’, and ‘identity’. In fact, we need to rethink them. Daily, these words are trotted out as if their sense were as good as it is common. But it really isn’t.

Please read the full article at here.

See also Biggar's Times article, 'Obsession with gender identity goes too far'.