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The Phenomenon vs the Icon: Nigel Biggar responds to Richard Drayton

Tuesday, 27 August 2019 - 3:00pm

July 2019 saw the publication of “Biggar vs Little Britain: God, War, Union, Brexit and Empire in Twenty-First Century Conservative Ideology,” by Richard Drayton, Rhodes Professor of Imperial History at King's College London. In his essay Drayton mounts an attack on what he calls "the Biggar phenomenon". While Drayton's essay can be found in Stuart Ward and Astrid Rasch's (eds) Embers of Empire in Brexit Britain (Bloomsbury, 2019), the full text of the essay can be found through the King's College research portal here

Today (27 August 2019) Quillette has published Nigel Biggar's riposte, "The Drayton Icon and Intellectual Vice". You can find it here