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Studies in Christian Ethics Special Issue

Friday, 17 April 2020 - 8:15am

Studies in Christian Ethics, a premier journal in Christian ethics and moral theology, has published the May 2020 special issue (volume 22, issue 2). In addition to book reviews and four papers that reflect on Luke Bretherton’s Christ and the Common Life : Political Theology and the Case for Democracy, this special issue has published eight papers that arose from the Tenth Annual McDonald Centre Conference, convened in May 2018.

The conference was organised by Nigel Biggar and Prof John Witte (Center for the Study of Law and Religion, Emory University) and gathered speakers to consider and to debate questions of religious liberty and the ways freedom might be endangered in the current milieu. The articles gathered for the special issue reflect such debate and the collaboration between both theologians and lawyers while offering the reader transatlantic perspectives on the theme: Is religious freedom under threat?

Nigel Biggar and Mattthew Lee Anderson served as guest editors.

While the articles are protected by a subscription paywall, the table of content for the special issue can be found here.