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Edward Brooks

Associate Fellow

Dr Edward Brooks holds a BA in Modern History and a DPhil in Theology from the University of Oxford. 

His doctoral research brought Augustinian theology into constructive conversation with modern philosophy and theology on the theme of hope, indicative of a wider interest in constructive theological engagement with late modern thought and life. Particular themes of interest include the ethics of technology and human flourishing, historical and theological understandings of modernity, the theological virtues (faith, hope, and love) and moral virtue more widely, accounts of human personhood and personal identity, and the formation of moral character for public life. His underlying interest in all these areas is the potential of Augustinian theology, and ecclesial communities shaped by classical theological convictions, to contribute positively to late modern society. 

He is the Executive Director of the Oxford Character Project, and heads the Oxford Global Leadership Initiative, which seeks to engage postgraduate students from diverse backgrounds, challenging assumptions about the nature of leadership by focusing on the virtues of character necessary for leaders to serve the public good.