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John Berkman

Visiting Fellow

John Berkman is Professor of Moral Theology at Regis College and the Graduate Centre for Theological Studies at the University of Toronto.    For the year 2021-2022 he is a Visitng Fellow at the Laudato Si Research Institute, Campion Hall.  He teaches and writes in the areas of fundamental moral theology, healthcare ethics, environmental ethics, and the ethics of killing.   He is a Fellow of the ISSR and recently finished serving a term on the Faith and Witness Commission of the Canadian Council of Churches.  His publications include The Hauerwas Reader, The Pinckaers Reader, Searching for a Universal Ethic, and most recently, “Must We Love Non-Human Animals: A Post-Laudato Si Thomistic Perspective,” (New Blackfriars, May 2021) and “The Influence of Victor White and the Blackfriars Dominicans on a young Elizabeth Anscombe” (New Blackfriars, September 2021).  One of his current projects is Anscombe on Wittgenstein, which will be published by Oxford University Press in 2023.